A typographic walk

through the  Marollen



A walk through the eyes of a letter-lover. My personal way to show you the neighbourhood.

Guided by letters.
Guided by type.


My Type of Walk is my graphic project
in which I take you on a walk passing old
signboards and all kind of lettering in the
vibrant Marolles neighbourhood in Brussels.

I translated the typographic walk into a
printed map, a booklet, a series of handprinted
postcards and in an online map.

Updates of the project will be posted on this BLOG.

Some of you had the opportunity to join me
on my guided walking tours in June, July or
September 2016. There's no new walks
scheduled for now, but I'll keep you updated
via my blog and via Facebook.


A project by Vanessa Verbeiren - princess.finness.be - contact

© mytypeofwalk, 2016.